Geert was instrumental in getting MPE standardized 

Geert currently works at Moog as a product manager and software engineer, but he was at the center of the MPE revolution and helped develop firmware for several key MPE products including the Roger Linn LinnStrument and the Eigenharp.  The whole Gaz Williams show is 2 hours, but we jumped right to the section where Geert gives a concise explanation of MPE and then talks about the current MPE work we are doing in the MIDI Association. 

Pat Scandalis from Geoshred heads up the current MIDI Association MPE working group

The MPE working group is doing editorial revisions the current MPE spec to make it easier to understand and implement and then will work on taking that current spec and adding MIDI-CI Profile capabilities to it to ensure greater interoperability between MPE devices.   

As Geert said in many ways, MPE is the gateway to MIDI 2.0.