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PlantWave uses wireless Bluetooth MIDI to let plants sing


Data Garden, the people behind MIDISprout release new kickstarter campaign

Data Garden was started by Joe Patitucci and Alex Tyson in 2011 to explore the connection between plants, music and technology. In 2012, Data Garden was invited to produce a piece at The Philadelphia Museum of Art. They launched a Kickstarter in 2014 and by 2016 they had released their first product, MIDISprout, a MIDI instrument that translates plant biorhythms into MIDI to control audio and video synthesizers in real time. 

Data Garden worked with engineer and developer, Sam Cusumano, who created a system that translated micro fluctuations in conductivity on the surface of a leaf into MIDI that could control hardware and software synthesizers. This MIDI data was then translated into harmonious music through Joe Patitucci's algorithmic composition and sound design. The result was Data Garden Quartet, a plant music performance with four tropical plants playing music in harmony.

by Data Garden

We covered this topic in an article from 2017 - Music, Plants, MIDI and the founder of the CIA Polygraph Unit! 


Music, Plants, MIDI and the founder of the CIA Polygraph Unit!

MIDI gets used for so many different things and one interesting MIDI application is plant music. The story of MIDI and plants starts quite naturally with the CIA. 

Plant Wave Features

PlantWave will allow you to wirelessly connect from your plant to your phone, making it easier than ever to listen to nature's song. With WIFI, Bluetooth and USB connectivity all a part of this device, we're clearing new paths to your plant music listening experience. With a built-in LI battery, your PlantWave will help you recharge with hours of listening enjoyment!

by Data Garden


  • Bluetooth streaming via Bluetooth Low Energy / BLE MIDI
  • WIFI connectivity for firmware updates
  • USB for power and for MIDI transmission to computers and/or pro audio equipment
  • Built-in rechargeable LI Battery
  • Low Power Mode
  • Durable enclosure made of renewable / recycled materials
  • Sustainable manufacturing practices
Software Standard
  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • Library of Sound Sets (groups of instruments to be played by the plant)
  • Record Audio
  • Record + Share video
  • Standard data visualization (graphs, etc)
  • Change MIDI channel on firmware for customized use with pro audio equipment
Software Advanced 
  • Customizable sounds
    • Instruments
    • Effects
    • Key/Scale
    • 440hz / 432hz / 528hz, etc
    • Record MIDI
    • MIDI Thru

Software Pro

  • Build sound sets with multiple instruments
  • Multi Mode (route up to 4 PlantWaves!)
  • Auto key detection
  • PlantWave Plant Music Device
  • Electrode leads
  • 3 pairs of sticky pads for leaves
  • Duck beak clips for smaller plants
  • Micro USB cable for charging / data transmission
  • Free iOS / Android App
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