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Respiro from ImoxPlus turns your breath into an expressive instrument


Respiro is a new generation software synthesizer using physical modelling that contains a "state of the art" sound engine able to reproduce the sound and behaviour similar to wind-instruments. It has sonic capabilities of woodwinds and can also create 'never heard before' sounds. It turns your breath and/or touch into a unique experience, providing amazing musical vibrations!

by imoxplus


Respiro is available as Standalone, AU and VST3 64-bit plugin for macOS and Windows. 

It is designed to work with MIDI controllers  that can send Pressure (Breath) via AT, CC02, CC11 etc... and note on/off including: 

Aodyo Sylphyo

Emeo digital practice sax

Odisei Music TravelSax

Akai EWI

Berglund NuEvi

Lekholm DM48

Roland Aerophone


Cantux eCorder


Tec Breathcontrollers

Hornberg MIDI breath station

New-Type.asia. ID;001 breath controller

coming up - Photon intelligent mouthpiece

It also works also with any keyboard especially when combined with a breath controller such as the TEControl. 

The Aodyo Sylphyo
Roland Aerophone,


  • Latest version has 150 instruments + variations.
  • Automation & MIDI CC mapping.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Pure physical-modelling synthesis for maximum expression and timbre variations.
  • Wavetable synthesis.
  • No pre-recorded samples used, fast loading.
  • Designed for wind, breath and MPE MIDI controllers.
  • Highly responsive to tonguing and breath pressure.
  • Easy to shift and morph timbres by using automation or CC mapping.
  • MPE (single channel) support.
  • Hi-Resolution pressure input.
  • Load your own Impulse Response reverb.
  • Microtuning support (keyswitches or CC102-113).


Imoxplus - plugins for wind controllers

Imoxplus is a provider of VST and AU instruments specialised for wind & breath controllers.
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