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Sound Iron-Deep Sampled Libraries With A Twist


Who are Sound Iron?

Soundiron is a recent addition to the growing list of MIDI Association companies.  They joined after attending a webinar with developers that was focused on the Orchestral Articulation Profile which will use the new Attribute Types and Attribute Data of MIDI 2.0 to embed sample articulations right into the MIDI Note On and Note Off.  

Sound Iron develops products on the Native Instruments' Kontakt platform and Nikolas Jeroma, Principal Instrument Developer at Native Instruments is one of the key members of the Orchestral Articulation Profile working group so it was a natural fit. 

Sound Iron has worked with  music industry leaders like Native Instruments, Propellerheads, Ableton, Korg, Presonus, Image Line, Best Service, Time & Space, Crypton/Sonic Wire, Plugin Boutique, Kontakt Hub, Audio Plugin Deals, Splice and many more.

They are a team of committed creators, programmers, engineers, artists, composers, instrumentalists, writers, videographers, customer support gurus, beta testers and developers passionate about building beautiful-sounding instrument plugins that are inspiring to play.

And now for something completely different ..... 

 Of course, Sound Iron has the some of the typical libraries that you would expect- Pianos, Strings, Choirs, etc.  But where they really excel is when you are looking for something different to spice up a track. Looking for a collection of ancient Greek stringed instruments recorded in Athens.  Sound Iron has it. 

Need A Side of Greek Winds to go with those Strings

No problem, Sound Iron released a companion library of ancient Greek winds, a collection of nine carefully-sampled traditional Greek woodwind instruments including single and double-reeded aulos flutes from bass to alto, as well as conch shell horns, brass salpinx horn, pan flute and plagiaulos. The instruments were hand-crafted  by the Athens-based historical research group LyrΑvlos and every instrument was recorded in precise detail by producer John Valasis. It doesn't get more authenticate than that. 

Whistle while you work with Sound Iron's Aztec Death Whistle and Irish Tin Penny Whistle

Maybe you'd like some different cultural influence in your music productions. Need an Irish Tin Penny Whistle for one track and don't want to spend a lot of money. No problem, this one is $5 (and often on sale for $3). Add the Aztec Death Whistle and you still haven't spent $20 bucks!

Sound Iron focuses on sampling instruments and designing sounds and because they use the Kontact sample platform they have less engineering development costs and they can make their sounds available at very reasonable prices. 


Perhaps the highlight of the  Sound Iron libraries is the Hopkin Instrumentarium that features 17 different Lamellophones created by master instrument inventor and writer Bart Hopkin. A lamellophone is a member of the family of musical instruments that makes its sound by  a thin vibrating plate called a lamella or tongue, which is fixed at one end and has the other end free. Kalimbas are a well known example.  Bart creates his own unique instruments and each has it's a distinct character and tone. 

Links to more information 


Soundiron Virtual Instruments

Soundiron creates professional instrument, voice & sfx sample library plugins for composers, musicians & sound designers. Built for Kontakt, Ableton & Reason.

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