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The MIDI Association provides resources for the entire MIDI community, both  the people who create art and music with MIDI and the developers who create MIDI products. There are sub-categories for MIDI 1.0, MIDI 2.0, MIDI History, tips and tricks and a dedicated developer area. 

The latest MIDI news, product releases and event annoucements with sub-categories for The MIDI Innovation Awards and our three special interest groups- Interactive Audio focused in the Game Audio Community, MIDI In Music Education and the newest Music Accessibility. 

How do you connect your MIDI gear?

Do you use MIDI-5 pin Din, Serial Ports, Firewire, USB, Bluetooth Wireless, RTP-MIDI, or Web MIDI?

Just type in a few tags like the ones listed above and all the resources on the site for your MIDI connections will be displayed.

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Web MIDI, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Wireless MIDI

What do you control with MIDI?

Do you have MIDI Drums, DJ Gear, Guitars, Wind controllers, or Alternate Controllers.

Maybe your area of interest is MIDI lighting, show control or robotics. 

Just type a few key words into the search window  the site will display the resources available.

Here is where you find articles on anything that is related to MIDI software. 
Software is one of the fastest growing areas of MIDI from DAW software to mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, or Android to Web MIDI web sites that let you do music production in the cloud. 

What are you creating with MIDI? Live Performances, Songs, Movie Scores, Music for Games ? By searching with a few keywords, it should be easy to find what you want.