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  Thursday, 15 February 2018
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Can anybody help me find a programmable MIDI controller for live use.
I want to control voice selection on a stand-alone MIDI device such as the Roland Integra-7. I want to be able to select up to 99 voices with very little switching and selection. I would not want to vary parameters live.
I have seen the Behringer FCB1010 footpedal unit which you can program with your PC and CC codes. Using the 10 pedals you can select any number up to 99 and send the programmed instruction. There would be no intermediate computer.
Do you know of any other devices that would allow me to do this?
5 years ago
I used a Behringer bcr2000 for many years. It is capable of being programmed to send Program Change Data. You'll need a computer to program it, but it has DIN midi in and out as well as USB. It's a bit long in the tooth by now, however. Have you looked at Keith McMillens 12-step? You would need a MIDI expander to transform the USB output to DIN MIDI.
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