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  Tuesday, 23 November 2021
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Do I understand correctly that I must pay $280/year in order to use Midi 2.0?

If so - what is the purpose of such a fee?

As an Indie developer without any real income from developed solutions, that is not an option.
8 months ago
Yes, I think it would be good if someone from MMA could clarify this. If you think about it, the situation is rather absurd.

In MIDI 1.0, you only needed a Manufacturer ID to define your own SysEx message.

In MIDI 2.0, MMA claims: "To implement MIDI-CI and MIDI 2.0, you need a manufacturers SysEx ID".

There is a maximum of 16.383 unique SysEx IDs. If the MMA claim is correct, everyone on the planet that wants to implement MIDI 2.0 (however simple) needs a SysEx ID. That will (IMO) lead to a situation where all IDs will be occupied, and no additional companies (large or small) can implement MIDI 2.0. And MMA will have annual revenue of $4.259.580, pretty good for a non-profit organization.

This simply can't be the case...
8 months ago
Totally agreed Gunnar!

But then, when the specifications were published with only USB connection, and no MIDI 2 SMF defined, I decided to ignore the whole thing until considerably more clarity was present, ... and I for one, will not be holding my breath.

How do you write any sort of DAW software without the MIDI 2 SMF spec?
Surely there needs to be a new VST/VSTi spec. to accomodate MIDI CI between a MIDI controller and the s/w instrument?

Maybe we'll see some clarity by 2025?

I'll be sticking to making music with MIDI 1.0 for the forseeable future.
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