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  Tuesday, 14 December 2021
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Hi there,

I have read up a ton on MIDI now, watched a bunch of videos and still am unable to understand fully on what I can and can't do with MIDI.

What are the limitations of MIDI?

For example:

I have recently purchased a Faderfox EC4, which is a 16 push encoder midi controller.
I was hoping to control my Yamaha A3000 rack sampler push encoders with the EC4 (as the encoders suck on the A3000)

Is it possible to set the EC4 up to control the A3000 encoders? or is this merely a pipe dream?

All I want to do is set up 5 of the push encoders on the EC4 to match the push encoders on the A3000, and then set up the 'push' function on the rest of the ec4 encoders to control the rest of the buttons on the front panel.

All my reading up of Midi has left me to think I can only control basic parameters, like Pitch + Mod wheel, is this correct?


1 year ago
Well, I don't know!

However, you need to check through the various functions of the A3000, and determine which functions you need to control, and which of them can be controlled via a MIDI command. You need to determine what the MIDI command is, the complete sequence of bytes of data. These might be Controllers, or they might be longer SysEx commands.

Then, you need to assign this data to keys/buttons on the FaderFox, so that when you press an appropriate button, a specific set of midi data for that function is sent out. As I understand it, there may be 16 buttons, so 16 different functions - however, it may be possible to assign 2 or more functions to one button, if the data is less than what can be stored for a single button.

You need to determine if the functions on the A3000 that CAN be controlled by MIDI, and the number of options that can be stored and sent by the FaderFox, can be matched in such a way that the two devices CAN work together to achieve what you need.

I suggest that you don't try to do everything at once. Pick a single operation, which might involve 2 or more MIDI commands, and try to get that working. Then add further operations step by step, maybe until the data space on the FaderFox is used up. If you need to get more in, there may be ways you can rearrange the data to squeeze more operations in?

If you have any specific questions, regarding the details of MIDI commands for example, then please ask further.

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