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  Monday, 20 December 2021
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Yamaha keyboards have a limitation of sending MIDI messages to MSB 62 for a drum voice and MSB 63 for an instrument voice thru their user voice option. Is there any device which could redirect/remap MIDI MSB messages between a Yamaha arranger keyboard (psr s975) and a hardware sound module (V3 Sound Sonority XXL) so that the module's voices (which are other than MSB 62 & 63 locations) could be used by Yamaha user voices.

I will really appreciate your answer.

1 year ago
I have a piece of hardware that has a program change and bank change system implemented in the completely wrong way.

The program changes do nothing, as the manufacturer of the hardware has decided to implement a different patch change system.

I would like to re-route MIDI messages from my DAW to the hardware. For example, I would like to redirect all Bank MSB messages to Program Change messages - therefore allowing me to create patches on the hardware and then recall them at will.

Is there any software available that can do this kind of MIDI re-routing? lag ja gale lyrics breathless lyrics
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