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  Sunday, 27 February 2022
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Hi All;

I just joined the association because, like necessity being the mother of invention, it is also the mother of questions! I think it is very cool that we seem to have here, a very open and of the people type organization helping to shape the future of this technology which is awesome!! Thanks to all who have helped in the MIDI efforts for many decades and preserved it's integrity/independence!!!

I am a singer songwriter (and I also love to dance), and my necessity (mother of all questions) is being able to send MIDI signals from foot and leg movements. In 2021 I started integrating to my singing/guitaring, kick pedals into my performance for cajon and percussion. It is going great, but I am ready to get up and move (currently sitting on cajon playing pedals while guitaring/singing - standing up and playing those pedals does not work for me), and I can not conceive of any realistic options that will allow me to really move the way I want, unless it is wireless and can send MIDI signals based on my feat/leg motions. I am sure it does not have to be MIDI, but it does have to be wireless and I believe from what I know about technology (I know very little about MIDI but have been a programmer for over 25 years), MIDI signals can give me the widest range of possibilities. I have read about many of the products that are out there (Mogee, Mictic, Remidi, Jacket, Wiimote, etc), but what I would really like is just a very small set of sensors that can be attached to various points (similar to Mogee but that item is wired and bulky looking) on my feet and legs, then translate movement and intensity of movements based on assigned MIDI events to specific movements. The Mictic's look promising but it is only available on iPhone at this time (they say will be android at some point but no time frame provided), and that is a deal breaker for me. If I were able to get just sensors (gyroscope, an accelerometer, magnetometer) and the bluetooth transmitter I think that would be perfect. I think with 4-6 of them, I could get what I need with some proper prior planning of the actions needed from each sensor for each specific song.

If anybody knows where I can get such items (sensors that send signals via bluetooth or wifi), and some "get up to speed" type articles or websites on working with such signals to translate them to MIDI, it would be most appreciated!

Thanks to all who have taken the time to read and/or respond!

10 months ago
Sounds like an exciting project!
If your hardware (synth/computer) already can recive MIDI via Bluetooth, I can imagine that the Arduino nano RP2040 Connect can be a suitable hardware to build on. It can send MIDI over bluetooth and already has a built-in 3D digital accelerometer and 3D digital gyroscope. It is also 'wearable' so if you want several sensors, you can add them via SPI or I2C bus. There is also the possibility to measure distance with ultrasonic sensors and detect movements with IR-sensors (and most other enviromental variables as well)

So far I have made interfaces with piezo-sensors, but that mainly for precussive playing, and only for MIDI via USB. But I like you idea though, and I think I'll give it a try myself.
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