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  Tuesday, 12 April 2022
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I am very new to the Midi world, I need help trying to change my drum sets in BandHelper. I want to be able to select the proper drum set sounds for a few of the songs on my song list.
Any Help Will Be Greatly Appreciated
Song 1 = Country Drum Set
song 2 = Classic Rock Set
Song 3 = Dance Drum Set
So in BandHelper I'm supposed to to be able to set the parameters of the change on the lyrics page, so when a particular song is selected it will change the
drum set on my Alessis D4.
9 months ago
You're not clear about this, but I assume that you're working in BandHelper, which sends midi data to the Alesis which makes the actual sounds.

You need to be bound by the data required by the Alesis unit. The docs for that should say what data is required to select the specific percussion sets.

Normally, you would use Bank Select, which needs two controllers, 1 and 32 (decimal). You might need different values for each, for some devices one of them might be standard for everything. Controller 1 will be the Bank Select MSB, and for drums this might be 127. Controller 32 (LSB) may be different for each 'kit'.

Usually, the Bank Select needs to be followed by a Program Change, and this actually completes the selection. Therefore the LSB might not be used (always zero) and the Program Change might be the data required. Your manual for the Alesis should give you an example. Usually, you do need to use all three items (MSB, LSB, PC) to complete the selection even if one or more are standard (fixed) numbers.

If this is not working, give an example of what the Alesis manual says is required and we can clarify.

9 months ago
If you navigate on-line to the BandHelper web page and select the "Tutorials" section, then scroll down to "Repertoire" and select "Sending MIDI" you'll find information about how to fill in the Bank Select MSB, LSB and Program Change messages.
But you'll have to "set up" your instrument first as described in that section.

However, reading the Alesis D4 reference manual it would appear that all that is needed is the last command, a Program Change, so in the BandHelper you'll need to leave the first two "boxes" empty.
Then a Program change from 00 to 20 will select one of the drum sets.

I suggest you read all of the information given in that MIDI tutorial.

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