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  Wednesday, 11 April 2018
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I'm an experienced system administrator, programmer, etc., but not a musician.

My grandson is a beginning piano/keyboard student.

We have a basic Yamaha keyboard from Costco, Windows and Linux computers, and a USB to MIDI adapter.

There are several programs available in the Linux repositories that also have Windows versions:


We are looking for something easy for a beginner and will not need any advanced features at this time except maybe Audio or MIDI to score capture.

At this time all we want to do is transcribe his lessons. And practice playing along with a MIDI sequencer at an appropriate speed.

Normally we would ask his teacher. But, he is an old school performance only kind of musician. He doesn't even have any recording equipment is his studio, much less MIDI instrument, or even a computer.
4 years ago
Well, I know nothing about any of the packages listed, although I've heard of RoseGarden. What little I do know of the latter, I'd guess it's more complex than you require.

I did look up about MuseScore, and this did appear more in line with what you want.

I've not tried looking at any of the others.

I have downloaded MuseScore (MS) onto my Windows XP machine, it loaded and installed fine, and the basic installation played, both the provided demos, and midi files that I tried as well. I think that this was using a SF file I already had installed, rather than the much more basic one included with the MS package, which may still be better than the system included with Windows XP.

Playback seemed fine, soundwise. The playback tracked the displayed score, so you can see where you are. Midi input it possible as well, although I've not tried that (I cannot play anything, I too am more into computing and data rather than music).

How easy this will be for you may depend on your version of Windoze. I understand that versions AFTER XP mess about with the midi mapper system. With XP, you can set midi output quite easily, and MS seems to do this automatically for you. Later systems, it's much more complicated, and you may even need an extra piece of software to establish the mapping.

MS may be worth your while to try. It's free. If it does what you need, then you're OK. If not, can easily try something else.

MS includes substantial docs (.PDF format).

Aspects of MS seem quite similar to a VERY old DOS system I still have on the old Pentium I use for my main midi playing (with the Roland card installed, linked by midi cables to various sound modules). That system dates back to the early 90's, Dr T's Quick Score Deluxe. Long before 'SoundFonts' invented?

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