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  Thursday, 26 April 2018
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Hello. I am using a MIDI keyboard connected to my PC and A music software for recording purposes. I have a poor sound quality and an unbearable latency and I would like to improve it. The problem is I am new to MIDI Devices and I dont even know how to start looking, or what exactly am I looking. I m afraid I am going to end up wasting money on something that is not what I am looking for. I m also on a budget but I m not expecting great result, just to be able to record without problems and as i said a little better quality without lots of problems. Can you point me to the right direction as to what exactly do I need? Thank you
4 years ago
Questions, questions. There is so much you should say, but you don't

How is your keyboard connected to the computer? Midi cable (which should be OK) or a usb/Midi converter (some of which can be very bad)?

What is 'A music software'?

Where is the sound coming from, and in what way is it 'poor quality'? If you've got some sort of Virtual Synth on your computer, it may have very bad sounds - some ARE better than others.

As for the latency, I'll GUESS that you're trying to add new tracks beside previously recorded ones, but you don't say. Are the new notes behind the old ones, or is it the other way around - this answer will help suggest where the problem might be.

If you could clarify these matters, we could proceed - although more questions may arise.

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