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hi i'm looking for a way in garageband ios or any other daw software that is capable of doing this.
Where I can program a sequence of notes, that can then be triggered one by one with the push of a single key. (using a connected midi instrument)
I want to be able to advance through a sequence of notes one by one with consecutive pushes of the same key on my midi instrument. I have setup a drum module that is connected to a handmade electronic drum table (similar to a drum pad using a piezo sensor where the sensor picks up the vibration from the table) that I bounce juggle on. Ideally I would prefer to only use one sensor or drum pad that triggers different notes each time I bounce the ball/s on the pad/table.
On youtube I found someone bounce juggling on what looked like a midi controller piano
I want to create something similar. I can connect 8 sensors to my drum module and bounce juggle on 8 different boards however it's a big setup and it would be more useable if I had one sensor or board that triggered the sounds to change

For example: If I program a sequence C, E, F, G, F, E, C, then by hitting the pad it repeatedly plays
each note in the sequence one after the other. i.e The 1st hig plays a C, the 2nd plays an E, 3rd = F, 4th = G etc.
Do you know if it is possible to somehow do this in garageband? Or anyother software. I posted on here months back but couldnt figure out how to do it. Any help would be appreciated.
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I suspect that the problem will be the last bit, the 'in a DAW'. A DAW is a fairly specialised piece of software, designed to do specific things, and what you are asking is NOT one of those things.

If you're thinking of another piece of software, then YES, fairly easily.

You need something that can accept a sequence of supplied notes, and store them. Then, it needs to receive a trigger, and at each trigger event, i.e. the pressing of a key, i.e. the space bar on a computer, then the next note in the list is sent to the sound device (keyboard, sound module, whatever). The timing is totally dependant on the pressing of the trigger, unlike a midi file where the timing is built into the data.

I have written pieces of software used for testing midi devices and sounds available, which almost do this. The only thing missing is the organisation of the pre-set notes, and the trigger, but these could be easily added. At least one of my progs has a secondary 'trigger', where a different key might generate a Program Change instruction to change the instrument. Other variants may have other options, i.e. swap between single notes and chords.

All my progs are PC/DOS software. How easy it would be to do anything for an i-thing I don't know.

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