Thursday, 07 June 2018
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It has been a long time since the most recent generation of rack mount midi modules were released. As a midi musician I would really like it if one of the major manufacturers would produce a new rack mount midi module with updated capabilities. All of the major companies already have tons of great samples so that is not an issue.
I would like it to have:

3 or 4 midi inputs (to connect controller and foot controllers so as not to need a midi merger) ( greatest thing about the Roland XV5080 is two midi inputs)

Built in sequencer where I could upload my drum sequences

8 analog and 2 balanced outputs that would all respond to the master volume control

A way to upload new samples

Midi filtering and routing

Be able to access all sounds (Roland Integra 7 is very limited by only being able to load 4 srx cards even though 12 are available, very frustrating)

Wireless midi?

Any other ideas?
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