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  Wednesday, 30 January 2019
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What is the rule of sending a Note On after F0 and before F7?

I found something but I could not understand how it works. If someone can provide a valid example or there is a specific midi protocol I should follow.

"if a 0x90 happened to be sent sometime after a 0xF0 (but before the 0xF7), then the SysEx message would be considered done at that point. It should be noted that, like all System Common messages, SysEx cancels any current running status. In other words, the next Voice Category message (after the SysEx message) must begin with a Status."
3 years ago
You can download the main MIDI specification as a PDF file from the following page on this site: Specs -> The MIDI 1.0 Specification -> The Complete MIDI 1.0 Detailed Specification. (You have to log in with your account to download the PDF file.)

Bottom of PDF page 36:
There are three types of System messages: Common, Real-Time, and Exclusive.
PDF page 37: [...]
EXCLUSIVE: Exclusive messages can contain any number of Data bytes, and can be terminated either by an End of Exclusive (EOX) or any other Status byte (except Real Time messages). An EOX should always be sent at the end of a System Exclusive message.

I guess that means you should normally end a System Exclusive message with an F7. But if you happen to use a 90 after an F0 and before an F7, the System Exclusive message is terminated, so that the 90 is properly processed as a Note On message.
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