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  Friday, 29 March 2019
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I'm writing some software for my iPad to let me control my DAW (Studio one, sometimes Ableton live), and as best I can tell the Mackie Control protocol is the defacto industry standard for DAW interfacing. The problem is it appears to be completely undocumented. I've kind of reversed engineered some of it out of the source code for Ardour, but some of its a bit mystifying.

I've found an old Logic Control manual with the Midi specs for that, but my undertanding is that while its very similar , it has subtle differences.

I've seen a HUI protocol doc too, but I believe Avid doesnt consider that a public protocol.

Any pointers on solving this one. The alternative might be to sit there and reverse engineer the crufty old Behringer BCF2000 , but that things pretty rusty and unfunctional these days.

3 years ago
You will find plenty of source code examples on GitHub for controlling the Mackie.
As you said, a cursory Internet search revealed no official documentation about the protocol.
1 year ago
I'm on the App Store with the following Mackie Control emulator: https://apple.co/3ogfEYl

We did it with a lot of research and some reverse engineering. Github was a good starting point.
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