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  Monday, 29 April 2019
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I recently took a first chance with a well-known MacBook app; the intent was getting a keyboard instrument to transmit its patch collection to a MacBook Pro. The result was that the keyboard's OS got fully locked up, requiring a visit from a tech to get it restored to normal operations. I had thought that keyboard internals for the OS and the patch files were totally isolated, and that a data stream for patch files could not interfere with the OS. It is an older keyboard and I suspect that possibly the app may need to be configured with delays between the messages so as to prevent overloads. Comment is invited.
3 years ago

On the basis of your question, I understand that you are seeking to send data from the keyboard to the computer. Is that so? I assume you might wish to send data back again, at some time in the future, but we'll leave that to one side for now.

Firstly, you don't say which keyboard you are using. It would be a help if you said, and gave some indication of how you were sending data, i.e. can you select certain things to send within the keyboard OS, or is there a single operation to send everything, and what does the data sent constitute?

How have you connected the keyboard to the computer. I hope you're not using one of the 'cheap' connectors (midi <--> USB) as these are very problematic as has been discussed here on numerous occasions.

In any event, I would expect that the computer would be a lot faster than the keyboard, and faster than midi, so there should be no problem with the computer receiving the data from the keyboard. It's unlikely that the keyboard would have any problem within it's own OS, unless there's a serious link problem (cable ?).

If we get some further info, we can go from there. In the meantime, if the keyboard will allow the selection of small packets of data (i.e. a single prog) then it would be a help to try that and see if such a small packet of data DOES work?

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