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  Monday, 06 May 2019
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Hello guys,

I just got a new digital paino (Alesis recital) and unfortuntately for me it doesn't have a MIDI out but instead a USB. So I have two questions please:

1. Is the way to go is to connect to the keyboard straight to the laptop? How can then Cubase identify it?
2. If the correct way is indeed to connect the piano directly to the laptop, it's a problem for me since I'm running out of USB ports already. Is there an alternative? Can I somehow connect the keyboard to my external audio card instead (RME Babyface) ? My babyface supports only MIDI in, it seems. so what can I do?

Thanks in advance!
You can connect it directly to the laptop. All operating systems have built-in drivers for the standard USB MIDI protocol.

You can use any random USB hub to get more ports. (For plain MIDI, even an old "full-speed" hub will work.)
4 years ago
Thanks a lot Clemens

I just wanted to further ask, even though it goes off-topic a bit - Can I connect an external hard-drive (Segate backup 4tb) and my RME Babyface to a usb hub? Won't it create problems with deficiancy in power? Or maybe I need a special usb hub that connects to its own power?

Thanks a lot in advance
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