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  Tuesday, 12 November 2019
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Hello! I am new to this community and would greatly appreciate any help!

Below, I will list the specifications of my hardware and software, but here is my issue in brief:

*I am trying to load multiple program/bank changes into single MIDI clip for live playback/control from an audio/midi playback machine. However—and from what I understand—Ableton and ProTools will not allow my to create said clip, because CC data associated with those changes (CC0/CC32) are not "automatable" within a single clip.

Ultimately, I am trying to control patch changes for a Line 6 Helix (which is hard programed to do so with CC0/CC32 changes) from a Cymatic Audio U-Track 24. There are multiple guitar patch changes within a song, and so far, we have accomplished this with playback from Ableton while playin live. We are now wanting to switch to the U-Track 24 as our dedicated playback engine (instead of relying on Ableton). As far as I understand, the U-Track allows a single MIDI clip per song, and I have been able to transfer all necessary midi automation to the single MIDI clip, except the multiple program changes.

My only solutions have been to route MIDI note data from the U-Track into Ableton, use a Ableton MAX plugin to convert said note data into PC data, then send that back to the HELIX (less than ideal). OR, to break up the song into individual "songs" from the U-Track according to the PCs that are needed.

I apologize if this was unclear or confusing, and I thank you in advance for any help you can offer!

3 years ago

First of all, you refer to a midi 'clip' - what is this? Maybe you are referring to a midi file, i.e. a set of midi instructions that can be 'played'? I am not aware of any reason why a midi file might have a problem if it contains multiple PC (Program Change) instructions, or even Bank Select messages, so you might explain that more.

The CC0/CC32 messages are usually used for Bank Select, and would be immed followed by a PC message to select a specific patch within the Bank just chosen. Are you saying that one of your devices actually uses CC0/CC32 for Program Change and NOT for Bank Select?

It seems to me that you could use a midi file, or a set of midi files (a 'playlist') to do what you want (a single midi file would be less flexible). If the specific software you refer to will not allow the creation of such midi files, then these could be created using other means and simple loaded and played as required.

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