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  Saturday, 15 February 2020
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I'm a sax player one man band. I want to play sax over chord changes by switching the finger controlled background grooves on the FP-3 to the FC-200 foot controller.

The FC-200 out of the box in NOTE MODE will control C2 on the FP-3 keyboard. When I set up the FP-3 to start playing finger triggered grooves, the FC-200 does not trigger the FP-3 but just plays the notes on the keyboard in C2 as if nothing changed (C2 is standard when in groove trigger mode so that's ok where it's at, no need to change that). When using finger trigger mode on the keyboard, I always transpose to the key I want and then it's always a matter of 1 to the 4 to the m6 to the 1 etc. That works out great for me. With the foot controller working, it opens the door to playing sax over chord changes vs holding the 1, for example, while I play a sax into.

I've been looking at Midi charts and I can't figure it out, I'm a sax player! I have manuals and Midi charts if anyone wants to help out. Thanks!
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