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  Friday, 21 February 2020
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Hi. As a new member, apologies if my question is an old one.
As a near 30-year long user of Sibelius for composing, now via my Yamaha W5 sequencing workstation, Soundblaster Audigy ZS2 and my pc, I trundled along happily. Recently, on reluctantly upgrading to Windows 10, I apparently needed to have the motherboard upgraded also. Fine, but that meant integrated sound instead of my trusty nVidia card, plus a change of ports. The upshot was I that I decided to bypass the Soundblaster and route the MIDI directly from the keyboard (MIDI 5-pin) to the pc (USB in place of the previous types). Fine - but nothing happens. Now I'm stumped.
Can anyone please help?
Many thanks,
2 years ago
I'm not certain, but I suspect that the problem is Windows 10.

You should be able to find info about this thru the web.

The specific problem may be that W10 is nothing like as flexible with the midi connection, and the Midi Mapper. Up to XP, there was a specific (named) midi mapper, and it was directly accessible, and it was relatively easy to link things in so that Windows could see the midi devices. With W7, this became less clear, but it was still possible. My understanding is that with W10 it is more or less hidden away, and it is NOT directly accessible at all.

If you find the web site for 'Virtual Midi Synth' that will give more info about this, and I think you can download something to provide a repl Midi Mapper, or help link your system to midi. Of course, the actual VMS system may be useful as well? There will be other info about linking other systems within W10 elsewhere on the web, but you're looking for info specifically re W10, and Midi Mapper, and prob specifically USB Midi?

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