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  Friday, 13 March 2020
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In practical sense MIDI 2.0 (UMP) basically will require USB devices. A USB vendor ID is very expensive (US$6000 for 65536 product ID's) This amount of device ID's is not needed for small and niche developers/ SMBs/SMEs, Some have perhaps only 2 to 5 products over several years. Several MCU/MPU logic vendors provide something called sub-licensing. The proposal here is MMA (or MIDI.ORG) to apply for a vendor ID and sub-license the product ID's to members. For example the vendor name would be registered as "MIDI" by USB-IF and the product name will be the member's product name. To verify the member authenticity, the member should register membership by providing a valid registered domain name (thus the member needs to register a domain and setup a website) and then that site (and thus the member) is validated via MIDI.ORG account. (this is a common approach in verifying the validity of the account) The MIDI.ORG 1st annual fee would include 5 to 10 product ID's. As a result the number of members (up to 65536/ # of ID's per member) would significantly increase income /revenue and could be amortized to lower the MIDI.ORG $600/annual free for such developers/SME's/SMB's. This would be a WIN-WIN solution for everyone.
2 years ago
USB Vendor IDs are controlled by the owners of USB. Their Vendor ID licensing does not allow what you propose.

"The USB Implementers Forum is the authority which assigns and maintains all USB Vendor ID Numbers. Each Vendor ID Number is assigned to one company for its sole and exclusive use, along with associated Product ID Numbers. They may not be sold, transferred, or used by others, directly or indirectly, except in special circumstances and then only upon prior written approval by USB-IF. Unauthorized use of assigned or unassigned USB Vendor ID Numbers and associated Product ID Numbers are strictly prohibited."
1 year ago
By default yes, it is prohibited. Hence the post of this suggestion.
The exception clause is "in special circumstances and then only upon prior written approval by USB-IF"
Thus it can be authorized if USB-IF agrees.
MIDI devices might be such special case.
Take a look at this attachment for your reference.
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