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  Wednesday, 27 May 2020
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I just found your Midi Association.

I haven't used MIDI in a long time but I am getting back into using my Korg X50 Keyboard with my computer again. So I am a bit of a newbie but not 100% green.
I have a Korg X50 and I bought Pro Tools so I can record my X50 as well as some acoustic instruments using old school Microphones and cables. I'm having great difficulty getting the Pro Tools to recognize the X50 as a Master device so that I can trigger SampleTank sounds thru ProTools and then record the SampleTank sound. When directly accessing SampleTank application, the Korg X50 triggers the sounds excellently, but not thru the Pro Tools recording software.
I asked a Sweetwater Representative about this and he said Pro Tools doesn't use MIDI, but uses Mackie HUI, which he described as a "Flavor of MIDI".

I thought MIDI was an agreed upon protocal thru out the industry, so why are there any "different Flavors" of MIDI all of a sudden? Is HUI really a "flavor" of MIDI, or is HUI actually a different protocal? Have any other members been able to get MIDI to work as a trigger for plug in sounds in Pro Tools? I tried directly plugging the keyboard into a USB Port on my Windows 10 PC (since the X50 Keyboard has a USB 2.0 B plug on it), but that did not work well. I did try a Hi Fing Midi to USB translation plugs/cable which worked OK.
Or do I need to use an interface for this like an iConnectiviy interface?
Where can I find out more about the difference between HUI protocal and MIDI protocal?

I hope that's not too many questions.
Thanks for your help in advance.
2 years ago

This is a very partial response to your question, I'm sorry to say.

I'd say that HUI is nothing to do with midi as we discuss it here, although HUI may be sending similar messages through the same hardware links.

Midi is concerned with the actual sounds, and the making of them. HUI is concerned with the mechanical control of hardware, such as mixers. Yes, a modern DAW system may well need to do both, so there may be some overlap, I have heard of mixers that can be controlled using standard midi (maybe incl SysEx), but I'm not sure that HUI would be used regarding the actual music.

So some of the things you've been told seem quite misleading, although checking to see just what Pro Tools does regarding either midi or HUI would be a separate enquiry.

I would recommend that you stick to the midi side of things, and try to get the X50 working.

The acoustic instruments etc are again nothing to do with midi (although the new spec for midi 2 might be moving in that direction) although Pro Tools might again allow you to record real audio at the same time as it might be recording midi from the keyboard, and keep the two separate things connected within a project.

2 years ago
Further to the above, you don't say what version of Pro Tools you are trying to use, but looking on the web the indication is that more recent versions of PT are more concerned with Audio recording, and may in fact not use midi at all, or not in the same way that older versions did? So, if you want to play and record the keyboard, you'll need to do this as audio, and not midi. So connect up using the audio out of the keyboard to audio input (or mixer) connected to the computer and PT.

I don't see any mention of HUI anywhere yet, mind you. Need more exploring to find that??

If you use things in a different way, then maybe you do get a midi ONLY mode which allows other things to connect/work, but this may well bypass the audio features of the system.

Not at all sure how you might sent midi into PT to drive the plug-in extras (part of PT, or slaved to PT ?) in such a way that you can then loop the sound created back into PT as audio to be recorded/manipulated??

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