Monday, 08 June 2020
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Hi. I have a MIDI keyboard connected to a Windows 7 machine through WASAPI, as I only have the motherboard soundcard, which don't have ASIO, and using Kontakt software.

It worked very well and smoothly during long periods of time, but on the last month sometimes I had lag. Installed ASIO4ALL to see if it helps but didnt, so I decided to format and reinstall WIndows in order to have more space on the primary partition, but didnt help. Yesterday I tried fruity loops, thinking maybe it was a problem of Kontakt, but it happens the same. SOmetimes it seems to me maybe the problem is on the output, as if I press a lot of keys in a fast way some are lost. Also disabled the input recording line as I read it can cause lag.

Hope someone here can help me. I downloaded the app MIDI-OX so if anybody want me to tell some of the info appearing there just say it. I have no clue about what I should look there.

In 3 months I will change country and then I will buy a keyboard which don't need a computer, so it has no sense buying a sound card now.

Thanks in advance to all
3 years ago

You should go into the Windows Task Manager (press Ctrl + ALT + DEL) and consult the various screens regarding Processes in use (anything using any resources over a few %) and the tables/graphs of system resources (memory, Performance) and see what sort of figures are showing.

Basically, if the computer WAS OK, but now isn't, then it could be VERY busy doing something else, maybe something legitimate, but maybe not? Depending on what the machine is doing, we can check up on that, and maybe stop it doing what's causing the problem?

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