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  Friday, 23 December 2016
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Dear MIDI.org, I just discovered your site recently when I was thinking to make music for a computer game with philosophical and religious (mythological) themes (well, I have some physics and philosophy background).

First, I am interested in esthetics of music, and how is that connected with esthetics of visual arts (esthetics in computer games). As I am Hindu (more precisely, following "Hare Krishna"/vaishnava religious path), naturally I know about connection of 7 music notes with 7 chakras - energy centers in human body. Well, frankly speaking, I am not very happy that notes of music are written on five lines, and as programmer I’d like to have a way to show recorded notes in some other graphical form - I use Unity3d game engine (but it doesn't support midi, unfortunately).
So, first question, is about relationship of music esthetics (and more precisely - notes in midi) with their graphical representation. What I like is that there is one program - Virtual MIDI piano keyboard and how every music keys on virtual piano are colored in 7 colors of rainbow. Yes, I believe that each note should have a color. Another program I like is Sibelius (just discovered recently), and I like its plugin to color each and every note in opened MIDI file - all notes written are colored: DO is red, RE is orange ... SI is Violet etc (by the way it is good to find out that names of notes were introduced by some Christian some 1000 years ago)... But... There are 16 bits and 32 bits of colors - 32 millions of colors in computers. So if there are millions of colors, so world is not just 7 colors of rainbow (though it is very beautiful and esthetical), thus music is also not just a combination of 7 notes...

Anyway, what I mean to say - I went deeper into physics of sound and discovered that every sound has its frequency: some notes/frequencies are harmonious, and some are not. First, I was not very happy to find out that standard for music frequency is 440Hz, and that this frequency is not harmonious. While better frequency is 432 Hz and it is better for balancing psychic centers (chakras), and may be used even in medicine for curing diseases with music.

So, that is really the first question:
1. How is this possible to change frequency of any note in the midi file? Is that possible? I want that every note in my midi file to be harmonious and have curing effect (like that of classical music).
Next, if that is possible, I would be happy to tune every note. I know that 7 music notes and 7 colors are repeated in "spiral". Yes, it may look very nice if we imagine spiral with 7 color, and each colored part (remember - millions of colors are there) should have some sound. So, is it possible to make own notes for any frequency? Well, I am asking because I'm not very satisfied with present music instruments: maybe I’d have to invent own one - I mean electronic instrument., but I'ld have to use midi synthesis and have ability to tune each and every frequency, way of sounding of each note.

Question summary in short: how to change frequency of any note to any user frequency?

Next, more practical question:
2. Is there way to add Indian religious instruments like Karatalas and Mridanga into Midi specification? Is it there already (I can see only Sitar there). Also, harmonium which is used in temples seem to be a little different from (phys)harmonium in midi format (though I am not a specialist).
What I want is to make computer game with Vedic religion theme (something like LEGO style, so I can make any philosopher/saint/religious person etc in a my game/program), and characters should be able to dance according to the music. Well, each sound has its color, so that is like "disco" with light-music (that's my idea). But instruments should be Indian -
- phys-harmonium
- karatalas
- mridanga
Why I need this - there is another reason. Our spiritual masters (gurus) say, that they worry that the Indian traditional styles of music playing can be lost in time. So there is a need to record that in some form like Midi, and thus there should be instruments in MIDI file format like Mridanga, Karatalas and Physharmonium.

Question summary in short: how to add Indian instruments to MIDI file?

Next, I have another practical question. Well, I know that you are dealing with file format/standard, and not with software, but still I want to ask you:
3. How to compose music on PC (MS Windows) in MIDI with colored keyboard and colored notes? I tried to use Sibelius, but it can only color notes, not keyboard. It’s strange that people are not very interested in esthetics of music, how that all looks like - virtual piano keyboard and recorded notes in 7 colors of rainbow. But I know that music is esthetics, so that is a matter of good taste - and thus process of music making must be friendly and say, beautiful. That is philosophical position of mine. ("Virtual MIDI piano keyboard" and Sibelius unfortunately don't want to work together)

Question in short: is there a good program to input music using colored virtual keyboard ( 7 colors of rainbow for 7 notes) and recording that immediately into MIDI format with 7 colors also (like in Sibelius)? I am asking here on MIDI community, because I believe this is very important to raise music esthetics level.

Ok, here are the 3 question. Hope to get some help from, as I don't know any other place to ask such questions.

Thank you and God bless you all (by the way it is around Christmas time)

Your humble servant,
Indubhushan das (that means "servant of Lord Shiva, incrusted with Moon";)
5 years ago
The answer to your first question is "microtuning".

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