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  Sunday, 12 February 2017
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Hello all - first time posting here. My last midi experience was around 1995 for a small home studio.

My question is around finding a current midi device that will suit my current need. I simply need a device that will switch midi ports. I have two midi devices that I control with an IPad via a Roland UM-ONE. Seems simple enough. The catch is, I'd like to have it remotely controlled (wirelessly).

The scenario is that my wife has a piano with a built in midi-controlled player. The piano has two separate interfaces, one to play music via the iPad, and the second interface sends piano key input back to the iPad for lesson programs, etc. While the two interfaces are inter-connected, the technology of the main interface is such that you cannot easily get keyboard output without blank a 720k floppy inserted and general fussing with the main interface.

She currently uses the 'system' by swapping midi cables between the two separate interface boxes. One to play songs, and the other to use her learning programs.

I'd like to find a simple 2 port switching box to mount under the piano - and have an easy way for her to switch interfaces.

Any thoughts?
5 years ago
I used to do something similar (on a larger scale) with a programmable MIDI patchbay. In my case it was a Roland A880 - not manufactured anymore but may be available on eBay sometimes if lucky. I could save multiple routing configurations in the patchbay and call them remotely using MIDI program changes, or change the routing manually using front panel buttons. There are probably other models of MIDI patchbays that can do that.
For something more modern, an iConnectMIDI 2+ should do that but you will need a connected iPad or iPhone to change the routing. And it can be a bit of a pain to set up
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