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  Friday, 13 November 2020
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I know nothing about MIDI or voice synthesis. I am a drummer wishing to sing and have my voice converted to a bass guitar sound. I will record the bass track and then sing the melody and play the drums to that track. I have a decent laptop but no other electronic equipment. I am a high-level retired Windows web developer. My budget is very small as I am disabled. Please reply with any suggestions to help me get started.
2 years ago

This is certainly possible, I have a Roland unit from years ago that is designed to do exactly that.

I cannot say if the outcome/quality/etc will be quite what you're looking for, but that's another matter.

The device is a Roland CP-40. It's a flat-ish box with inputs for Mic and Instrument, and MIDI outputs. It has a couple of controls, fairly limited. I think one os Volume, the other is something like threshold. The device generically was called a 'Pitch to midi converter'. There may well now be more sophisticated devices, maybe even software/virtual alternatives

I tried using it a number of times, to do something pretty close to what you want, and if anything it was producing TOO MUCH midi data, but prob I needed to experiment much more with the controls so that the device was more selective. The device was picking up every slightest imperfection in the noises I made, and turning everything into valid midi notes. And when I say 'everything' I mean EVERYTHING..

Having saved the midi data created, it was then easy to 'play' the resultant midi file, setting playback to whatever voice I wished.. Some voices would work better than others.

I'm sure there's a LOT of experimentation so that you make the right sort of noises to suit the instrument you plan to use. I'd guess that you need to keep your sounds as simple as possible, all the synth voice to do it's things on playback, as long as you get the best 'note on' and 'note off' you can.

One day, I'll try playing with it again. One day!!

A few days ago I came across this video by Andrew Huang about Vochlea's 'Dubler Studio'. It's worth checking out, it may be what you're looking for.
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