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  Friday, 20 November 2020
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The Login on the website is broken.
The Login modal is overlayed by a background overlay.
If you try to click on one of the text fields the login modal closes itself.

Is this Website open source?
I'm a software engineer and can help if needed.

Best regards
I can confirm that the button "Login to Download" is broken. On the other hand, the "Login" button at the top of the Specs and Forum pages is OK.
2 years ago
Yes, the software used here certainly has a number of peculiarities, but we just about get by!

I've a suspicion that the system has been done 'as a favour' by someone connected with the MMA, as opposed to being a commercial package.

Using the 'View Source' option on various pages, I see that the html code make substantial use of Joomla (Open Source) facilities. Joomla is a well known system and may not itself be the problem. Closer inspection of the code at the point of the error might help, although the problem could be happening within a Joomla module but not called correctly.


You may have noticed that we completely updated the specification area of the site.
We used a Joomla plugin called Edocman.
Although we tested it before launch, there were a few people contributing to the process and yes, it does appear to be out of whack.

We will take a look at it tomorrow.

Thanks for bringing it up. Things have been super busy here on the specification front and we need your eyes on the site.
If you see anything, email us directly info@midi.org.

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