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  Sunday, 19 March 2017
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I want to trigger sound cues from a macbook with a MIDI foot pedal. I've already got a FCB 1010 that connects to my Mac with a MIDI to USB converter. But I find it to big. The software I'm using requires only one MIDI message all together in order to do all the cues in the show and I find myself only stomping on the same single pedal during the whole show.

I need something lighter than the FCB 1010 for this show. Should I get a MIDI Sollutions footswitch controller to replace my FCB1010? Will it send the same message every time? Or is there anything else on the market that will suit my needs?

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There are smaller, complete devices like the AMT FS-2 Midi or the Tech 21 MIDI Mouse. (I don't know if those can send the messages you want; you have to check their manuals.)

There is a German video about how to build a MIDI pedal yourself.
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