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  Wednesday, 07 June 2017
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Howdee folks. In the Sampletank App for Ipad, you can make up to, i think, 100 user presets using up to 8 channels. Is there a hardware table top unit that can do that? I have a Korg N5SR that doesn't. Someone told me that the X5DR does. Now I hear it doesn't... I can't believe that this simple idea is so baffling to do.

Ch1: GM 72 Clarinet
Ch2: GM 22 Accordion
Ch3: GM 59 Tuba

Can't I save this as a user preset & then later recall it at my live gig. I'd prefer a hardware solution rather than an app. Like a Korg X5DR. Tabletop would be sweet.
Do I need something else? What good r all those dandy sounds if I can't create my own presets?
As far as I can see, the N5SR's "Combination" settings apply only to keyboard input, not to MIDI input.

It appears such presets are commonly selected with an external controller, especially MIDI foot pedals. For example, the Behringer FCB1010 can switch presets (five Program Change messages on five channels), but only be sending them to another device.
5 years ago

I'm not sure the above response is correct, but then I'm not clear just what you're hoping to achieve.

The NS5R (which I have here) does allow the creation of 'Combinations', and you can create and store 128 of them. Each Comb can comprise up to 8 separate 'Programs' (i.e. any of the sounds available on the device) and each Prog can have its own settings including volume, pan, effect settings, keyboard and velocity range, and various other things.

BUT, as far as I can tell, this will apply to a single Channel only, so this may or may not help?

When you are playing, you would send the relevant code combination to select the required combination, using whichever channel you are using, and the combination would become active, and would respond to the midi data sent on that specific channel.

You can alter the activity of specific instruments within the combination depending on the parameters you have set regarding keyboard/velocity range.

This may do a lot of what you want. Or maybe not?

Please specify a bit more detail of what devices you wish to use. Will your keyboard allow you to send - live - different data on different channels, otherwise there's no point to having the module (NS5R) set to have different instruments on different channels.

If your data is sent from a stored MIDI file, then your MIDI file would just start by making all the channel/program settings that you require?

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