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  Monday, 08 March 2021
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Dear Everyone.

Anyone understand Notion, Presonus' MIDI music software, and how its routing works?

I've got Notion 6, perfectly legal copy, bought it and right now am regretting every penny! Same with Kontakt. All I want to know how to do is route Notion to Kontakt so I can have - just for argument's sake - 5 (or however many) instruments going in Kontakt and have one stave in Notion going out to each of them so when I put notes on the staves they play the sounds in Kontakt. Right now BOTH Notion and Kontakt have got mixer panels marked OUTPUT!! Like.... ONE of them's gotta be INPUT surely because you're outputting MIDI info to the sounds. Therefore Notion's gotta be Output and Kontakt's gotta be Input. Surely. I'm too much of a noob to understand the manual, which I have read but don't comprehend very well.

And here's the other question - they are linked - sorry.

I've got the Korg M1 Emulator, again purchased and perfectly legal. If I fire it up in Notion, when I put a note on Notion's stave marked M1 I hear the first sound of the M1 chord that is loaded up when the M1 starts. Easy enough - here's the mystery. That's the ONLY sound on the Korg it ever plays. I can change every selected sound in the Korg, or even empty all the choices so there are no selected sounds at all, all the boxes are empty, and it'll STILL play the initial Korg sound when I put a note on the stave!!

Er - where the heck's it getting the sound FROM? I mean I can put a picture in but the Korg sockets are all empty, there's no sound for it to play. And how come if I put in ANY sound, totally at random, it STILL plays the sound from the initial Korg chord and nothing else, regardless of what is actually there?

I'm more stumped than an England cricketer in an Indian test match! All and any help will be tried out and I can provide any screenshots anyone wants - but I'm a noob, total noob, please be gentle. I can read and write music on a real piano but in computer music I'm a new starter. And Notion's totally killed me so far - I've had it 3 weeks and can't even write a tune on it! Yes I've read the manual but it's not basic enough. It's over my head from page 1 and a lot of the basic stuff it talks about doesn't seem to work for me and again I've no idea why.

Please someone help, be gentle and be prepared for Really Basic Noob Replies!

Yours hopefully


P.S. I know there's a Presonus forum, or was, but you can't join it any more, it timeouts every time you try to and tells you the site's not working, that's why I'm here. (Cloudflare Error)
Hi Chris,

Mac noob, or Windows noob?

That's the key.
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