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  Friday, 18 June 2021
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Up to this point, I have only been reading in delta times using variable length values in my program. I see glancing through documentation that lengths of other things can also be represented with a variable length value.

Which items should I be checking for a vlv with? I don't think I've run in to any issues with it because generally most thing will fall in the less than 128 range, but I want to do everything properly, so will need to add in scanning any other vlvs correctly besides delta times.
7 months ago
Opening the Standard MIDI Files specification PDF and searching for instances of the word "variable", I confirmed that the following items are variable-length quantities:

• the delta-time before each event

• the length value in System Exclusive events (F0) or System Exclusive packet/Escaped events (F7):

F0 <length> <bytes to be transmitted after F0>
F7 <length> <all bytes to be transmitted>

• the length value in all meta events:

FF <type> <length> <data>
6 months ago
My reply seems to have vanished?

Anyway, thanks, I will be adding these in. Every little bit brings me closer to finally being done :p
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