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  Tuesday, 22 June 2021
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hey there!

i have a Behringer X Touch and an Arturia Key Lab MkII + More stuff but that later (or do i have to integrate everyting by once?)

i want to controll all the mixing Stuff Faders, Pan ect with the X touch only and all parameters like Eq and Compression !on the selected Channal only! via the KeyLab.

x Touch: its hard to get simple informaitions to its controllsurface ... even for the controlls of the associated Mixer X Air ... i Couldnt find a Software to Modify it.
most of its knobs are sending Keyboard Notes to Ableton, like: 1/C#-2 ..the faders sending PitchBend Signals? like 1PB .. and the pottis sending CC from 16 to 23
the Jog wheel also sends CC 1/60 but is in ableton in a different use than i want it

Key Lab: it got 3Banks of a 9 Faders, 9Pottis and 9 Buttons (81 at all) in User Mode whats awsome, but i think ill have some CC overlappings with the other controllers.
i want to use all of these 81 parameters in the selected channal only.

Acutal Main problem:
i started to assign the key lab knobs n faders to Ableton via the Normal Midi Arrangement button in the right upper corner in the song view on multiple cannals. but now i controll them all simutaniously not only the selected Channal.

is there a possibility to see all the mappings exept the view that ableton gives u in the browser?

more questions will income hahaha ;)

with thankfull regards

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1 year ago
hi John!
you can use user remote scripts and assign everything the way you want. there's the possibility to change some channels, however you'll see that some channels are fixed. but that's not a problem at all.
if you'r on macOS, there's a free app -in app store- called MIDI Patchbay by Robert Efroymson -it's actually Pete Yandell's famous MIDI Patchbay rebuilt for 64bit-
you can build some configs in the app and route channels/controllers the way you want. hope this helps
you can also check out Bome MIDI Translator Pro which is a paid app but also has an iOS integration through their new release Bome Network - which is also paid both for desktop + iOS-
honestly, I'd start with MIDI Patchbay (:
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