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  Wednesday, 30 June 2021
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is it possible to edit the xcrtl mode or mappig or what ever, hahaha of the x touch to controll the x air in the way i want it?

and if yes how?

if no is there a work around?

reason is the missing implementation of the controlls to the polarity switch and the stereo link on the x touch. for me only via x air edit app possible.
but i dont want to have a controller for a mixer to not have accsess to all parameters damn B*******, but the controller its self i like it, cause of the amount of faders n knobs for that price and the posiblity to controll my DAW but i realy need the controlls of my mixer too.
1 year ago
I also have a need to customize the default x touch to xr18 communication in that I can't switch snapshots. From the documentation I could use the osc command over midi through sysex text but not sure how to customize a button to do it.
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