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  Friday, 02 July 2021
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Hi, I need help.

I'm trying to build a midi organ pedalboard from an ESI Keycontrol25 midi controller.
However, the controller understands midi note inputs through the standard double-rubber system keybeds of current keyboards, which generate midi notes at speed according to the force being pressed.
That is, for each midi note there are three pins and they (the three pins) always need to be turned on and off simultaneously and quickly, generating the midi notes on-off with velocity.
For example, for each midi note: pin-1 is the note, pin-2 is the note-on and pin-3 is the note-off.
Pin-1 needs simultaneously and quickly to connect and disconnect to pin-2 and pin-3 to work.

The problem is that the midi organ pedalboard's switches are regular two-pin and not three-pin.
The ESI Keycontrol25 midi controller doesn't recognize them.

Does anyone here know of any push button switch that has the three-pin system?

Thank you. :)
1 year ago
In fact what I'm looking for is a velocity sensitive pushbutton switch.
Does it exist?
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