Chris is both a product designer and touring musician. Having spent over 20 years creating music on hardware and software instruments, Samuels first foray into music technology development brings voice control to MIDI with Bace. https://bace.app

Introducing Bace: a Voice-to-MIDI Plug-in & Standalone App

Bace Plug-in & Standalone App Bace transforms your voice into a Drum Machine

Almost two years ago, we set out to build a tool that could capture an idea and turn it into workable music. After a long period of developing machine learning models and getting the UI just right, I'm incredibly proud to say that we are ready to put our creation out into the world. That idea I had while on tour with my band, sitting in the back of...

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Voice-to-MIDI: A More Intuitive Way to Interact with Music


The Problem-No Real-Time Solutions  Three years ago, while on tour with my band, Ritual Howls, I encountered a problem. After five grueling hours of sitting in a van on our way to the next gig, I had an idea for a drum beat but no way to capture it. All my gear was surgically packed away and out of reach. How could I capture my idea and turn i...

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