David Battino has been plugging things into MIDI jacks since 1985. He's the founding editor of Music & Computers magazine and co-author of The Art of Digital Music, which Music Tech magazine (UK) called a "jolly good value." He has covered music technology for Electronic Musician, MacAddict, Make, Maximum PC, and Revolution, and currently writes Keyboard's "Key Secrets" column. More at www.batmosphere.com.

Now THAT’s a Horn Solo


Music is a visual language, too. Composer Andrew Huang used the piano roll editor in his MIDI sequencer to create sound from a picture of a unicorn. Each dot and line outlining the mythical creature triggers a MIDi note. To make the notes harmonize, Huang had to think both visually and musically. Se...

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Itty Bitty Squishy Things Roundup

Itty Bitty Squishy Things Roundup

Dave Battino wrote an article which was a  roundup of ultra-compact keyboard and pad MIDI controllers in the December 2013 issue of keyboard.  He shared the video he created to show these itty bitty MIDI devices. 

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