Don is a Developer Advocate on the Android Developer Relations team. His main focus is on Android Audio. He helps developers solve challenges associated with creating high-performance, low latency apps and games, particularly those using the Android NDK. He is the lead developer on Oboe - an open source library for building real-time audio apps on Android. In his spare time Don enjoys building modular synthesizers and other electronic musical gadgets. He also has an unwavering love for Drum and Bass music and used to DJ in some of the worst clubs in Nottingham, UK. Don has an honours degree in Computer Science from the University of Nottingham, UK. 

Developing MIDI applications on Android


​About Android MIDI​ In 2015 Android introduced MIDI support. Android has billions of users which means there's a whole lot of people with MIDI compatible devices in their pocket! In this article I'll explore the most popular types of MIDI applications on Android and how to choose the right MIDI API when developing your own app. Common types of MID...

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