Company Information for O&V Systems First of all, we are a family of professional engineers and system architects and we have many years of experience in custom microelectronic systems design, integrated circuits development, certification and production. Since school years we have got a solid musical education. Even if the music has not been transformed into our major professional interest, it accompanies us through the whole life and seriously affects it. Consequently, it is not just a hobby now – it turned to be a source of inspiration and growth. Hence, as the time went by, we have come to a conclusion that the combination of advanced high-tech knowledge with some music flavor gives us a huge impact. It brings more emotions and drives ideas for changing our lives to the best.

Virtual organ console unit: how to let your MIDI devices play as an organ


Introduction We have started our project to find a way how to build full-featured organ console out of available MIDI instruments. One of our project goals was to extend the coverage of the "virtual organ" from software also to the hardware. We have turned it into "virtual organ console". Virtual pipe organ technology (VPO) has been well estab...

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