Matt Bray has a rich history of professional music performance as a drummer, vocalist, guitarist and DAW operator since 1995. Combining emerging technology with various musical traditions Matt has innovated several methods of interactive performance and composition. Over one hundred and eighty of Matt’s compositions are registered with APRA (Australasian Performing Rights Association), and in addition to these musical exploits he has operated as a performer, composer and band manager of numerous outfits. Genres embraced by Matt’s compositions and performances include rock, punk rock, blues, progressive rock, funk, acid jazz, reggae, drum and bass, electronica, orchestral and experimental. Highlights involve the performance of his composition Jazz-Latin Overtones by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra in 1994, operating as a composer/performer for top the 40 album Extremist Makeover (28-Days) in 2004, again with the top 100 iTunes rock album Beautiful in Danger by middle eastern progressive rock outfit Jericco in 2013, and the performance of over 3,000 gigs in Australia and overseas. Currently Matt is performing with earthy blues/rock outfit Dirt River Radio launching their fourth album in 2018 (incl. October EU tour), and debuting four-piece standout group Numanic Art (stay tuned for further announcements).

Telemidi - Creating music over The Internet in real-time

TeleMIDI-logo-sml Telemidi - Creating music over the Internet in real-time

What is Telemidi? A system of connecting two DAW environments over the internet, to achieve real-time musical `jamming'.The product of Masters research by Matt Bray. "...a musician's behaviour at one location will be occurring at the other location in a near synchronous manner, and vice versa, thus allowing for a `jam' like atmosphere to ...

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