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The MIDI Association at CES 2016

​We were really surprised to see so much MIDI activity at the Intel booth at CES 2016. There were two presenters on their main demo stage that have direct connections to The MIDI Association.  DJ RaviDrums was there showing off the combination of a DJ MIDI controller and electronic drums with sophisticated video processing Ravi is always at th...

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The MIDI Association Announces #DigMyRig Contest

Thousands in Prizes Open to All TMA Members The MIDI Association (TMA), a global community of people who use MIDI to create music and art, has announced the first #DigMyRig contest. Sponsored in cooperation with media partner Broadjam, the contest is a celebration of more than 30 years of MIDI, and its impact on modern music. The contest brings tog...

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MMA at 2014 International CES - January 7-10, 2014

MIDI Makes Music CES 2014 we continued our MIDI Makes Music promotional campaign with booth graphics and handouts explaining that MIDI is a Grammy®-winning technology, with photos and descriptions of typical applications and products that use MIDI technology. . ​We also displayed our "MIDI Makes Music" introductory video about the past, presen...

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MMA at 2013 International CES - January 8-11, 2013

​This year at CES we previewed our MIDI Makes Music promotional campaign, sponsored by a coalition of leading industry companies and organizations including, Roland, Yamaha, Gibson, Fishman, Dave Smith Instruments, Korg, Dream, Mediamation, NAMM, AES, Keyboard Magazine, Electronic Musician Magazine and Robertson Communications. Our booth featured g...

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Older MMA Press Releases-1996-1998

Industry Players Agree on Common Format for Wavetable Synthesis (10/98) ​At the 45th meeting of the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG), audio experts reached agreement on a common format for creating sounds with the popular "wavetable synthesis" technique. The agreement merges the best features of different specifications promoted by the MIDI Manu...

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