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Introducing Bace: a Voice-to-MIDI Plug-in & Standalone App

Bace Plug-in & Standalone App Bace transforms your voice into a Drum Machine

Almost two years ago, we set out to build a tool that could capture an idea and turn it into workable music. After a long period of developing machine learning models and getting the UI just right, I'm incredibly proud to say that we are ready to put our creation out into the world. That idea I had while on tour with my band, sitting in the back of a van and wondering "how can I capture my drum beat idea?" is finally here.

Today I'm excited to announce the launch of Bace.

Simply put, Bace is a music production app & audio plug-in that uses AI machine-learning technology to control software and hardware instruments with your voice. 🎤🥁🤯 


➡️ 4 Drum Tracks
Control up to 4 different drum tracks including Kick, Snare, Hi-Hat and a Percussive sound.

➡️ MIDI Control
Each Drum Track also doubles as a MIDI Track. Control one plugin or 4 separate plugins on separate tracks.

➡️ Train Bace with Your Voice
Bace's software can be trained to recognize your voice.

➡️ Use Your Microphone
Bace works with your own dynamic microphone. No special equipment needed!

➡️ Plug-in & Standalone App
Open the AU or VST3 plug-in inside your DAW or use the Standalone app to control hardware and software. 

For more information about Bace visit https://bace.app/

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