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Skwitch: Connect to your iPhone and start making music


Skwitch: It's an iPhone accessory

David Skulina from Edinburgh, United Kingdom founded Skoogmusic  and in 2015 ran a successful funding campaign on Indiegogo and released it's first original tactile music interface, Skoog. Skwitch is Skoogmusic's newest offering and it is has a unique approach. It clips on your iPhone and uses onboard magnetic sensors to create a very low cost MIDI controller.

Skwitch: It's a one button controller

Skwitch has a unique tactile interface. The 20mm of squeezable depth is let's you press on the button for expressive control. 

Skwitch: It's expressive

Skwitch uses patented magnetic sensing technology allowing you to vary your sound using filters and effects, or pitch-bending between notes and chords. 

Skwitch: Comes with an app

Skwitch is powered by the Skwitch Music app. It's where you pick how and what you want to play. Choose songs, create riffs, set up your button, or get creative with other apps and devices. Whatever you choose, our app makes it easy and fun!

by Skoogmusic

Skwitch:  It's an MPE MIDI controller !


The Skwitch Music app lets you connect to other devices using Bluetooth MIDI so that you can use Skwitch as a wireless hardware controller for apps, DAWs and plugins. With separate MPE, modulation and fx control modes, it's easy to create a fully customised hardware-software setup.

Skwitch is compatible with the leading Bluetooth MIDI compatible apps and DAWs:

by SkoogMusic

Skwitch: For more information, check it out on Indiegogo


Skwitch: the one-button music-making gadget & app | Indiegogo

Exclusive opportunity to influence new features & apps for this ready-to-ship | Check out 'Skwitch: the one-button music-making gadget & app' on Indiegogo.
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