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K Board Pro 4- Expressive Smart Sensor Keyboard


With K-Board Pro 4 we've taken the format of a traditional keyboard and updated it for the 21st Century. With our SmartFabric™ Sensors underneath each key you can tweak any synthesis parameter in real time by moving your fingers while you are playing. The MIDI MPE Standard is the future for expressive controllers and we have designed the K-Board Pro 4 to be the ultimate MPE Controller.

by Keith McMillen

Multidimensional Expression

The Keith McMillen Instruments K-Board Pro 4 is a 4-octave MIDI keyboard controller with multidimensional touch sensitivity in each key. K-Board Pro 4 supports MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) that allows additional gestures individually on each key.  You can wiggle your finger horizontally to generate MIDI CC commands,  slide vertically to open up a filter, or apply pressure to control volume. For non-MPE synths, the K-Board Pro 4 provides fully featured polyphonic aftertouch. The data from each gesture is completely assignable and sent individually per note.

Keith McMillen Instruments K-Board Pro 4 Features: 

  • Provides a level of expressiveness previously attainable only with acoustic instruments
  • Expressive Smart Sensor Keyboard Fabric technology
  • Support for MPE (MIDI polyphonic expression) protocol
  • SmartFabric sensors underneath each key
  • Transmits attack and release velocity and continuous pressure, as well as horizontal and vertical position data
  • 48 resilient silicone keys and no moving parts for superior durability
  • USB powered; class compliant
  • MacOS/Windows, iOS/Android compatibility

SmartFabric sensor technology 

Under each key is Keith McMillen Instruments' patented Smart Sensor Fabric technology which let you tweak any synthesis parameter in real time simply by moving your fingers while you are playing. 

The K-Board Pro 4 is USB powered and class compliant to ensure compatibility with MacOS, Windows, iOS, and Android, as well as all MIDI-enabled hardware.

Editors in OSX, Windows and Web MIDI formats 

 Keith McMillan Instruments provides editors for OSX and Windows, but you can also edit and update your K Board Pro 4 directly online using Web MIDI.

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