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AmeNote Inc. is a technology leader in MIDI 2.0, Digital Audio, Audio Networking, and USB. We provide consulting services to companies small and large.

Mike Kent, Chief Strategy Officer 

Mike is a world leader in technology for musical instruments and professional audio/video. Mike is the Chair of the MIDI 2.0 Working Group of the MIDI Association. He is a co-author of USB MIDI 1.0, the principal architect of USB MIDI 2.0, and Chair of the MIDI Working Group of the USB Implementers Forum.

Mike brings a strong understanding of market focused product development and is able to bridge between the two worlds of sales and engineering. Mike filled international roles for Roland R&D for over 20 years, in product development, business development, while managing strategic relationships and technology licensing. Mike has consulted to Yamaha, Apple, Roland, Musescore, Shure, Iz Technology, Artiphon, and Analog Devices. Mike also worked with teams developing audio processing and interfacing technology for NASA’s Ames Research Center and General Dynamics for the US Coast Guard. 

Michael Loh, Chief Technology Officer 

Michael is a Senior Electrical and Computer Engineer specializing in bringing ideas from concept through to production. From telecommunications to amusement ride systems, Michael has a breadth of experience, delivering technical innovations to industry and consumers. As the founder and former CTO of iConnectivity, Michael developed a full line of Audio and MIDI interfaces. His products introduced ground breaking innovations in USB Audio and MIDI, including embedded USB Host functionality and cross-connectivity to multiple USB Host computers. Michael is the former Chair of the MIDI-CI Working Group of the MIDI Association.

Michael is well versed in music and audio technology and can apply his skills in Systems Engineering, hardware and software development to bring further innovation to the industry. 

Through their years of professional development, Mike and Michael have connections with top influencers in many industries who work with AmeNote as independent consultants. The mix provides the needed skillset and workforce to innovate and create inspired, connective products for the Music Industry.



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