Arturia was born to allow everyone to make music.
We create instruments and effects that encourage musical discovery, reward curiosity, and savor the artistic process. We’re an international team of passionate people, on a mission to navigate uncharted sonic territory in the name of creative empowerment.

From the raw analog power of Brute synthesizers to our faithful virtual instrument emulations of V Collection, we provide musicians with an inspiring sonic experience that's instantly accessible, exploratory, and thrilling.

Music Production Made Easy
Arturia’s heritage over the last twenty years has been to provide the best vintage sound combined with modern production capabilities.

We’ve worked to design instruments and effects which both inspire and simplify creativity. We’ve patented new technologies and partnered with world-class sound designers to create a library of thousands of sounds for music makers to explore and employ.

Now our expansive product range spans everything from playful MIDI controllers, to semi-modular monster synthesizers, to all-encompassing studio interfaces.

An all-encompassing line-up committed to enabling musicians, producers, composers, and creators of all persuasions to make the best music they can make, with the professional quality they deserve.

Now we're more driven than ever in our pursuit of the ultimate music-making experience.


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