Control any instrument with your voice.

imitone is a live, low-latency pitch-to-MIDI controller that works with any microphone. Connect app-to-app with any MIDI-enabled music-making software on Mac or PC. imitone's friendly design and low cost makes it ideal for students taking their first steps into music production.

As you sing or whistle, imitone makes it feel like you're playing the instrument. Not a singer? Any instrument you play can become a MIDI controller. Our self-attuning resonator technology offers best-in-class realtime pitch tracking, allowing you to use key-corrected instruments as a form of biofeedback to guide and train your pitch.

imitone team is actively involved in developing the MIDI 2.0 standard. As a MIDI Association company, we focus on pitch and tuning — How can the next generation of MIDI support underserved musical traditions from around the world, new forms of tonal movement and microtonal compositions? By creating prototypes and designing new standards, we can answer these questions and pave a path to the future of digital music.


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