Luminary ROLI Limited

ROLI is creating a connected system of expressive, controllable musical instruments, synthesizers and software platforms. Our aim is to unite those parts of music that are currently separated by technical and cultural barriers. The expressive power of acoustic instruments must connect seamlessly with the versatility of electronic instruments; engineering combine with artistry; musical hardware with software synths and workstations; the talents of composing and performing with those of recording, producing, and disseminating music. ROLI's Seaboard uses our tactile surface technology to redefine how expressive and responsive a digital instrument can be. NOISE, our explosively popular iPhone app, is captivating mobile music-makers by providing powerful new modes of interaction. All of ROLI's hardware, software, and social products are connected to each other and the world beyond, creating a new chain of tools for contemporary music creation — and pointing the way to a future for the music industry.


  • 2 Glebe Road
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  • London
  • UK


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