Since 2014, Newzik's mission has been to make life easier for musicians who deal with masses of music scores and the constant challenge to share enriched content and keep everything in order. Driven by its initial successful collaboration with renowned orchestras and opera houses, Newzik has developed an intuitive software ecosystem allowing any musician to go paperless, save time, practice and perform better. No more heavy binders, page turning stress and endless photocopying.

With the Newzik app (available on iOS & on the Web) paper scores are transformed into digital, interactive and collaborative sheet music. Recent developments have also included new functionalities around the OMR technology (Optical Music Recognition) with the aim to combine the benefits of PDF, MusicXML and MIDI playback into the most advanced and interactive form of sheet music there is (we call it LiveScores).

What sets Newzik apart from the competition is its easy to use cloud-based and collaborative solution. All your scores, associated media files and annotations are automatically synchronized with the Newzik Cloud in order to keep your work safe and protected from any issue you may encounter with modern devices (hard drive failure, breakage, theft...).

Newzik is maintained and developed by musicians for musicians with a particular attention to customer support. Over the years, this is what has seduced more than 250,000 users who keep Newzik as a music companion from the comfort of their homes to live venues across the globe.